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What do you do to relax when you’re stressed?  Do you spend time in the gym? Listen to Spotify? Dine out with a friend? Or curl up with a romantic novel from Kindle?

You can do all things mentioned above.  But today my prayer is that you open your heart to the idea that God can minister even in times of anxiety.  He can turn it up for good and use the experience to let you feel his love.

I wrote the book Rest in His Love – Bible Verses for Stress and Anxiety during a busy and tiring season at work.  Like what you may be doing now, I stepped back and tried to study what I can do to address my restlessness. I gathered verses from the King James Bible and cupped them with insights which you can apply in daily life.

 God commanded you not to worry.  He has promised to give you rest as you draw near to Him.  He has the ability to renew your strength. And He is working on your behalf, even when you feel He isn’t moving.”  

The quoted text summarizes the message of this book. If you were uplifted with this truth, I encourage you to download this book and spend time pondering on His word.

In a nutshell, the e-book contains:

  • Six chapters with insights on what God’s word says about your stressful situation
  • 39 handpicked Bible verses (you may read and meditate one verse daily)

You may choose to read the e-book in one seating for an entire hour while you are having your break.  Or bring it with you in a week-long retreat.  Do not be content with just a relief for your stress and anxiety.  Let His peace overflow in you daily.  Embrace his invitation to rest in His love and take comfort in His presence.

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